It is expected that over the next few years, there will be an extra half a billion people connecting to the internet, mostly from developing nations. This huge influx of people will bring a whole lot of opportunities for those companies able to capitalise on a growing market.

According to Google, the increase in the number of internet users will hugely affect the global economy.

They expect that small business will be able to utilise the web to grow to a size they would never be able to do otherwise.

They also expect that since a huge population of Asia will be coming online, much of the internet will no longer be English focused.

The advice from Google is that businesses should look at technologies that will enable them to take advantage of the growth that is to come. Companies that are able to offer services that can grow with these economies will benefit greatly.

The Weight Watchers story is an interesting one which is 50 years in the making and rises from the real experience of an overweight woman. The overweight woman was founder Jean Nidetch who was asked one day in a supermarket if she was pregnant when she wasn’t.

The unintentional insult was a wake up call for Nidetch who then went on to map out a diet plan for herself. This diet plan helped her achieve a weight loss of 20 pounds in 10 short weeks and inspired her to share her plan with other friends. The group met a couple of times a week to discuss their progress and diet and to provide support to each other. This became the template for the Weight Watchers program.

Weight Watchers has now evolved into a points based program where all foods have a points and you can only consume a certain amount of points per meal / day.

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Choosing the perfect eyeshadow colour for your eye can seem like a simple task however there are some tips which you can follow to ensure you pick the right coloured eyeshadow for your eyes.

One of the key tools in selecting the right eyeshadow colour is the colour wheel which is something you may have seen many years ago during your education years. Using this colour wheel, you will be able to select the most appropriate colour for your eyes.

Complementary colours are colours that are on opposite sides of each other on the colour wheel. An example of this is if you pick orange. On the other side of the wheel is the colour blue and what you should pick as the colour of your eye shadow. You can also get great results by picking colours adjacent to your eye colour.

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It has been reported that the Private equity group, Blackstone Group LP is considering making  a offer for PC giant Dell and are hoping to recruit current Oracle Corp president Mark Hurd to run the show.

Blackstone Group is based in New York and is said to be currently in the process of doing it’s own due diligence on the company. The group has until March 22nd to make it’s decision on whether it will bid due to that date being a go-shop period where other parties are allowed to make counter offers. The counter offers will need to better the offer put forward by private equity firm Silver Lake Partners and founder Michael Dell who put forward an offer of $24.4 billion.

If Michael Dell win’s the bid, he will remain chief exective of the company and have more control over the direction of the company without worrying about shareholders.

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One of the questions that we may never usually ask but wonder is how do moisturisers actually work?

The choice of moisturisers are endless and there a thousands and thousands of different types and prices available. So the question is, how do these moisturisers actually work and does expensive always mean better?

To understand how moisturisers work, you must first understand a little about the structure of the skin. The skin is actually made up of two layers, the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the upper layer of the skin and has four sub layers. One of the sub layers is called the stratum corneum and this is the layer which moisturisers mostly concentrate on to take effect.

Moisturisers work by trapping in the moisture that is in this layer of skin by forming a film over the skin.

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If you look back a few years ago, you would never have predicted that the state of tablet PC’s would be where they are now. Apple has been able to take a dormant market segment and turn it into a  must have device for the home to the point that it is cannibalizing personal computer sales.

Companies are now trying their best to eat into Apple’s domination of the market and they are slowly making some progress. Lenovo have released a tablet they are hoping will do just that.

Lenovo have released the ThinkPad Tablet 2 which is a Windows 8 hybrid tablet which means that it can be used as  a tablet or, with the help of a docking station, become a laptop PC.

The device is run by a 1.8GHz Intel Atom Z2760 chip with 2GB of RAM. The device comes with 64GB of SSD storage and 3G capabilities. The device also comes with an 8 megapixel camera and built in stylus.

The design of the device feels strong and rugged and when combined with the docking station, has the familiar feel of a Lenovo laptop.

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Australian retail figures for December have been reported and much to everyone’s disappointment, the figures were not what everyone had expected. Retail sales in December fell and indicates that despite successive interest rate cuts by the reserve bank, consumer spending has yet to increase.

The Australian Bureau of Statistic reported that retail sales in December were actually 0.2% lower than November. This compares to what most economists were tipping, which was an increase of 0.5%. The December period is supposed to be the busiest since it includes the huge Christmas rush so such a poor performance indicates how fragile consumers are at this stage.

On the news, the Australian dollar fell due to speculation by traders that the Reserve Bank will step in once again to continue cutting rates.

Retail figures have been dropping since October so the three successive months of declines are a real concern for the RBA.

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